A Blog is Born

I have been recently researching a career change and have become interested in freelance writing. I used to write when I was younger. Mostly creative fiction. I never sat down and tried to write about myself or non fiction in general. Even when I was young, I knew that I had nothing interesting to say. The older I get the more inspiration I find in reality. The more challenges I want to take on. I am perhaps beginning to attain some of that wisdom we all hope to find in our old age. So, I have become drawn to this style of writing.

During a discussion with a friend about writing I started talking about freelance writing in general. He said, “You know a lot about lots of things. What are you passionate about?”

Interesting question. Because I feel like the answer is nothing. But somehow it is also everything. I’m the annoying person who goes whole hog into learning something new and then drops it. Moves on to something else. Is it because I am fickle and I can’t follow through? I am not going to deny the fact that it is a huge possibility. Until you notice a trend…

The answer is that I am passionate about learning new things and when I’ve satisfied my curiosity, I move on. A Jill of all trades. A master of none. I just want to know things. I seek knowledge for the sake of knowledge itself.

He said, “Well there you go! That’s your thing. Write about learning something new!”

So here we are. At my new blog. Where I am going to try and  blog about something new I learn. My goal is to learn one thing a week and post about it. Something that I am interested in and I can learn in a small amount of time. I’m not going to pick something that requires a lot of hours to master. Like painting. I mean, I very clearly enjoy unrealistic goals. Getting in over my head is almost second nature. This blog should help me reel that in a bit. However, learning about a particular painter or a style of painting is on the table.

They say it takes ten thousand hours to master something. Obviously, not everything I learn is going to be something that requires any kind of level of mastery. I’m not going to warn anyone, either. No peeksies unless I need your help for research. You can contact me with suggestions. I am sure to start needing them at some point. But you are going to have to tune in to find out if I’m covering the sex slave trade or posting pictures of garden slugs. This is life, folks. Anything is going to be possible. 




I don’t understand why I wouldn’t want to learn and create.  Satisfy my curiosity. I do realize, that not everyone thinks like that or particularly cares. Of course, you do. You wouldn’t be here if you were not a knowledge seeker. We are kindred spirits!

In the spirit of the start of this blog, I decided to google a few learning articles. First, I forgot that when you are old it is called lifelong learning. Second, I realized that a lot of these reasons are personal or at least somewhat subjective. So the answer to why we seek knowledge for knowledge’s sake is not that easy. For me, that answer is still….why not? Why wouldn’t I want to know things? Why not experience as much life as I can?

Tonight, that answer feels inadequate to me. Perhaps in seeking knowledge, I am seeking to find myself. Am I going to find it in my garden? Is it going to show up in the pages of a book or in that perfect photo that I will finally take? Yes or no…does it really matter? After all, it is always about the journey…



3 thoughts on “A Blog is Born

  1. Love it, I’m passionate about learning too! So fun. I do the same thing, throwing myself into learning all about something until I move onto the next thing. Just interested in a lot of things – the world is so fascinating.


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