I hate eating mushrooms. They are one of a handful of foods that I do not like the texture of and refuse to eat, despite not having a problem with the actual taste.  I like the flavor of mushrooms. But I will NOT eat that slimy, rubbery thing. It tastes like flesh. It makes me think of corpses and dirt. And poop. All things that mushrooms will grow on!!


A toadstool growing in my garden

The fact that I feel this revulsion for mushrooms is odd when you consider the fact that when I see a mushroom outside, a zing of pleasure goes through my body as I reach for my camera or phone to snap some photos. I have even been known to make a noise of pleasure out loud when I see one. I will pull over to photograph one them.


Mushroom gills. I love the texture in this picture even though it freaks me out.

A recent dog sitting for a friend has me excited because there are a ton of mushrooms at her house!  When I saw them, I was excited. Then after a few pictures I was really amazed because why on earth are their so many mushrooms at this woman’s house and such a variety too!

mushroom gills

Another gill shot

Mushrooms are a pretty big topic to put in a blog post. I knew this even before I went to wikipedia. They have their own kingdom and are neither plant nor animal. Reports seem to vary on how many different types there are. There is a huge variance in terms of environment. There is a type of fungus for every place on earth, it seems! Even underwater!


Fungus and Moss on a tree! Photographic heaven!

The word mushroom usually refers to a particular type of fungus. That is the white button type that we put on pizza. These mushrooms have been cultivated for the last few centuries. If you are curious and go to youtube and type in “mushroom” you will find a few videos of people touring mushroom farms.

Looking at the various types of fungus online has me kind of sad that I now have to inform my friend that all the fungus in her yard are actually boring compared to the different types of funky fungus in the world.

If you take a look at mytumblr you will see that I did post some interesting videos that I found on youtube about mushrooms to avoid! Even experts can make a mistake when mushroom hunting, so please use caution!


Don’t eat me!

Your mushroom is a MUTANT!

The cultivation of mushrooms has been around for awhile. It was the Pasteur Institute that helped to sterilize the mushroom and (hopefully) the manure it grows in. (Disclaimer, not all mushrooms are grown on manure. So they say.) The white button mushroom was originally brown, but in the 1920’s some mutant ones grew and were white. Since they looked a little more corpse like (I mean appetizing) they became the standard and all of the white button mushrooms that we have today are from this clump of mushrooms.


tree fungus is so cool

Why on earth does anything surprise me anymore? Especially when it comes to the internet. I was honestly surprised to discover that you can purchase spores to grow mushrooms.  I have not done a lot of research into this. However, I suspect that it is only edible ones that you can buy. I am much more interested in the weird blue ones. Those I would definitely enjoy putting in a pot in my front yard and informing everyone that I am now an amateur mycologist.

Mycology is the study of fungus, by the way. I do not know if amateur mycologists exist. That would not surprise me, even though I was surprised by the fact that they sell kits to grow mushrooms. Go figure. If this post has inspired you to start growing mushrooms, then check out this site! (And please send me photos.)


It is not a potato! My favorite mushroom pic in my friends yard.

Here are a few other fun facts that I discovered about fungus in general:

-Portobello mushrooms and the kind you see on your pizza are the same kind of mushroom. The portobello is the mature version, while the white one is immature. (That means baby. You are eating baby mushrooms.)

-There is mushroom infused coffee. I can’t even comprehend why someone would do this. I feel like the person who invented this should not be allowed to have real coffee ever again.

-Fungus is not either an animal or a plant. It is more closely related to humans than plants though. So think about that the next time you are eating some stuffed mushrooms!

-Mold is also part of the fungi kingdom. The antibiotic penicillin was created from the penicillium mold. I guess I do enjoy consuming some “mushrooms”.


Do you like mushrooms? Check out twitter and tumblr to follow me and see more interesting videos and photos of mushroom and fungus!

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