The Collapsing Empire [Book Review]

So far the books that I have reviewed on this blog have all been nonfiction. I do read a lot of fiction, too. As a reader I am pretty voracious and will read almost anything. If it catches my interest. This means that my shelves are always stuffed and I never leave bookstores or libraries empty handed.

My favorite genres are actually fantasy and science fiction. One of my favorite science fiction writers is John Scalzi. If you are not that familiar with science fiction and are looking for a place to start, he is perfect. I like to recommend him because he is a fantastic writer and is very funny. But he is also great because even though his worlds are well done and rich with details, he does not overwhelm the reader. I wish that all writers of this genre could find this clean style of writing! He is very easy to read and if you have ever wanted to try science fiction and felt overwhelmed…then John Scalzi is the writer you need to read.

The Collapsing Empire is the first in a series and it is very good. An inter-dependency empire is on the verge of collapse and the human race faces extinction. Human settlements are across the galaxies connected by The Flow. The Flow is like a river or a tunnel through space. Like a river, it can change course. It is unpredictable and when it happens, whole worlds are cut off. With the threat of it collapsing, a new Emperox must try and save the human race.

It sounds serious. And it is. But it is also full of snappy hilarious dialogue and strong women. My favorite character by far is, Kiva Lagos. She has the best and most profane lines in the whole novel. It is true that I do love characters that cuss excessively. I also love Kiva’s brash personality. Scalzi does female characters very well.

The downside to reading the book is of course the fact that it is the first in a series. So, you will have to wait around for the next one. It is always fun to wait and anticipate a new book coming out. And with an author like John Scalzi, you know that he is always going to deliver something good.

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