Foster Cats: Saying Goodbye

I have always been a cat lover and have had many wonderful cats over the years. But a few months ago I did my first attempt at fostering. Five beautiful little babies that came into my home and promptly terrorized it.


We have had ringworm, fleas, diarrhea, vomit, and an incredible amount of love in our house these past few months.


Mittens is a curious guy


I was pretty unprepared for the amount of work that these cats would entail. It is really astonishing how much a tiny kitten can poop.


Jack is the cuddle buddy


The kids really loved naming them. I named Jack. The others are called Ruby, Chase, Skye, and Mittens.


Ruby is an independent princess. 

The amount of destruction was pretty minimal. I am kind of surprised that more stuff was not ruined during this process.


Skye has wanderlust

The fact that the kids didnt harm any of them was a minor miracle. My three year old was a bit of a brute with them at times. But I think that he was just trying to get them zoned for small children.


Hi, it’s me. Your boss, Chase.

The first one to be adopted was Jack. Um. By me.


I own you human.

I pretty much knew his scraggly runty ass wasn’t going to leave from the first day.


Jack attempts to convince everyone that he would be a great addition to the household. Salem agrees. You can see it took a lot of convincing.

Today they will go to their first adoption event. I am not quite sure how I am going to pack them up and send them off into the world. I look at them and I feel really upset because I know that they think that they are home. 😦


I am going to treat your house as if it was my house. And in my house we climb the curtains!!

Right now I do not know if circumstances are going to allow me to do more fostering. I sure hope to at some point in the future. For all of the work and all of the drama these kittens have given us so much love and affection.

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. –George Sand

These cats are going to go out in the world having loved and been loved. I know that they will bring so much joy to the people who will rescue them.

As long as my next post isn’t about how I just adopted all these cats, I think that it will be okay. I am going to have a hard time letting go, though.

9 thoughts on “Foster Cats: Saying Goodbye

    • lol. You know the softie that I am. One of them didnt go to the event because she asked me not to bring him because he has a little ringworm on his nose. He is the one that I suddenly found myself unable to take anyway. So….he might not actually be going


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