Kittens [Photo of the Day] 8-12-17



Today was a day of new beginnings! Foster Cats: Saying Goodbye

Three cats made their way to the adoption event today. Two cats came back. Ruby found herself a new home! I was able to meet the lady that adopted her and she was wonderful. I know that Ruby will be happy and loved in her new home.

Why did only three of the fosters go to the adoption event? I was getting ready to take them and I just had this feeling that I was not going to be able to get rid of Mittens. I didn’t think I could do it. He still has a little spot of ringworm on his nose. She texted me to not bring him unless the hair was growing back. So I bought myself a little reprieve. When I got home he came up to me purring like crazy and I snuggled him and was so relieved that I didn’t take him.

Two cats to still find homes for. I figure that keeping 2/5 of the cats myself is not that bad. More cats have left than stayed. I think that makes my first foster experience semi successful.



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