Wasps [Three Minute Read]

I guess this week I am going to carry on with the insect theme. MyKnowledge is going full on creepy crawly.

The reason that I chose to write about wasps is not the fact that I am slightly terrified of them. It is because I was dive bombed by one today. I was walking to my car and I felt something hit me on the arm and fall to the ground. It felt big so I looked down and this is what I saw:



I felt that there was no point attempting to identify this type of wasp since there are over a hundred thousand types of wasps that we know about. Apparently, there are a lot of them that have not been scientifically categorized. Not only that, this could be a hornet. And to be completely honest I just call them all bees. I am no entomologist.  I’m  usually too busy running away because I am scared of being stung by them to worry about their exact species.

Only one family type of wasp (Vespidae) are social and enjoy building nests right over your garage door. (Or any other inconvenient location.) Most wasps are solitary and if they make a nest it is for themselves and their young. Mama Wasp will feed her babies and that is about the extent of her parental role. Must be nice.

Since wasps feed their babies insects, I am assuming that is what this lady is doing here. She wrestled this poor helpless bug into my arm to feed her offspring thus completing her lone parental responsibility. Some of them drag the insects back to the nest that they provide for their babies or they just lay an egg in the dead insects body and buzz off.

Since male wasps come from unfertilized eggs and female wasps come from fertilized eggs, the Mama Wasp can control the sex of her offspring. When a female obtains sperm from a male wasp, she carries it around in her body and can control if she fertilizes an egg or not.


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