Wishes [Photo of the Day] 8-14-2017

There are rare days when I do not snap any photos. When that happens I am going to pull something out of my archives since I like trying to post a photo a day.

Archives. Wow. That is a pretty official term for my unorganized Amazon Cloud.

I like taking pictures of dandelions. They do not bother me nearly as much as they bother one of my neighbors. I find them to be a very cheerful symbol of summer. And you really can’t dislike something that you can wish on. Come on.



It reminds me of a children’s book my kids have called Zuzu’s Wishing Cake. This book is adorable for two reasons.  The first one is that she makes sunglasses out of the negatives that you used to get with pictures. How old is this book? Amazon says it was published in 2006 but seriously I swear it has been decades since I have seen negative strips. The other thing that I like about this book is that she makes a Wishing Cake and she puts the Dandelion on top of it. That is the candle.

It makes me realize that being a grown up makes us have boring wishes. My kids wishes include flying and going to the circus. I  wish for someone to clean my house and to have quiet time to myself.

What do you wish for? And no world peace. Close your eyes and wish for something fun!!

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