Random Object Photography: Take One

One thing that I love about technology and constantly having my camera [phone] handy is how easy it is to share our lives with others. We all joke about that person on social media who is constantly sending out photos of their food. But be honest, most of us have taken a photo of food that we have eaten.


It was as amazing as it looked!

Does this mean that we are documenting our lives into mere minutiae? Or does it allow us to be closer to people and capture the little moments in our lives? The conversations that we share with others do not have to be meaningful or deep. It is sometimes in these random objects that we learn the most about people. For instance, if you have read my previous post Cicadas [Three Minute Read] then you know that I have taken pictures of dead bugs.



We have the map and we are still Lost.

I have become quite fond of taking photos of random things and this post is an ode to the random object photos in my life and why I have them. I took a photo of this map after my friend and I went in circles at the local gardens we visited. It isn’t worth posting on social media. And that is a damn shame. Because we were in frantic need of a bathroom and I turned to my friend after I snapped this picture and said:

If we don’t make it: what happens in the woods, stays in the woods.

Spoiler: We made it.


Murder scene or a BBQ escapee?

I also really love taking pics of some WTF things that I run across. For example, this bone that I saw in a park. I am not an anatomist, but I feel like this is probably not human.


A golf ball

I am pretty sure that there was almost no reason to take a photo of this golf ball that I found in my parents yard. The funny thing about it is that I think I had my macro lens on so  I was crouched down about an inch away from it.


My doctor’s waiting room.

I took a picture of the waiting room in my doctors office because I enjoy the wallpaper. I believe that I was using this photo to announce my whereabouts to those who are not tracking me via gps.


When you have a future architect on your hands, it is important to document all of the early work.

I am frequently an assistant Lego Tower Builder. My primary role is to pull the legos apart.


Brownie. Homemade.

Let’s be honest. Only jerks take pictures like this and send them to their friends to taunt them about the brownies that they are making. Especially when you are not much of a baker and you feel that these moments need to be documented.


Potato soup.

Other times you are just illustrating a point about how unappetizing looking the potato soup at the work deli can be. You can see by this shot that I managed to snag the only seasoning in the entire pot.


Tree on my brothers car.

When a random trauma happens that causes absolutely no injury, it is fun to take a picture and send it to people. One of my brothers has the worst luck in the world with cars. I think he had this one only a few weeks when a tree fell on it during a storm.


Stone on a workbench.

Ah yes. I cannot begin to tell you the amount of photos I have on my phone of half completed projects. I found this stone and am debating on painting it to put in the garden. I have convinced myself I haven’t done it yet because it is really more of a winter project.


To be fair, they have never messed my coffee up.

Dunkin Donuts has NOT sponsored this post.


Kids make the best lunches

I think that it is important to teach children at a young age that they will soon be required to feed me on a regular basis. This week the menu is: Felt. Next week: Filet mignon.


This has yet to come true. I am not even sure if I want it to come true. Unless these artistic and cultured people are bringing mops and  planning on doing some cleaning. Then they are more than welcome.


Plants in a shopping cart

Some times when people text me and ask me what I am doing, I am far too busy to type out the very obviously complicated answer: Shopping. This is where a picture truly is worth a thousand words.


Me: Hey! I don’t need your help with that screen door I broke. I fixed it!

My stepdad: Let me see a picture.

Me: [after twenty minutes with no response]: it is just temporary.

My stepdad: You know cats can jump, right?

Anything can be fun if you put it in black and white.

I have thousands upon thousands of photos. I don’t delete the stuff like this because to me they help bring back memories. Out of context may seem odd and meaningless. Somewhat ridiculous. But they have provided depth and flavor to my conversations with friends via text.  Do you take random photos like this and do you keep them? Do you think that they have enhanced your relationships?

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