Family Adventure [Photo of the Day] 9-2-17


A beautiful day calls for an adventure! It felt like fall here today and it was a great day to go on a road trip. I threw the kids in the van and we headed to my aunt’s for a visit. It is about 30 minutes away from me. After that we drove to a nearby town to do some exploring. The downtown is pretty charming. It has quite a bit of sculpture. I love this one.


Lunch was at a family owned candy and soda shoppe that has been around since 1922! We had sandwiches and for dessert sundaes! I also had a green river which I had not had in a long time.


After lunch we went for a walk. My six year old told me that we should go for a walk and informed me that I was “not skinny”. She has been on a health kick lately. Obviously, my favorite part of the day. 😉

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