Ribbit [photo of the day] 9-4-17



Every so often I get a shot that reminds me exactly why I love taking pictures so much. The above shot is the perfect example.

The kids and i were at the local botanical gardens. Walking along we saw a family hunched over something. Naturally, my kids made a beeline for them. They were crowded around this tiny pool filled with these leaves. I am amazed that anyone spotted the frogs in this pond. They were camouflaged so perfectly well, that it took me forever to see this guy. I wish that I had snapped a pic of the whole thing.

I waited til the family had moved on and my kids had their fill then leaned in an snapped this photo. I got two shots and both of them were pretty perfect in my opinion. Very satisfying. Many thanks to the eagle eyed dad in that other family who spotted this little guy!!!


3 thoughts on “Ribbit [photo of the day] 9-4-17

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