The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck [Book Review]

I am not a big self help person. I could probably count on one hand the amount that I have read.  It isn’t that I don’t read them because I don’t need them. Mostly I don’t read them because I think that they are a bit overly simplified and sometimes even a bit smarmy.

As the author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, Mark Manson, points out—happy people are not sitting around staring in the mirror telling themselves that they are happy.

I won’t lie. I picked this book up because of the title. It is true that I enjoy cussing in a book. (If you do too, this book is a treat.) But I also like a no-nonsense blunt point. Tell me like it is. Don’t pussyfoot around an issue. Don’t suggest that I do things like talk to the mirror or envision something. If you appreciate that, then this book is for you.

What I took away from the book in one sentence: Going through shit makes you stronger and being stronger makes you happy.

Everyone has problems and that is okay because the key to happiness lies in solving problems. The goal in life is to upgrade problems. You need  to find better problems, not stop looking for ways to not have them.

The other main point that he makes is that you have a choice. You always have the chance to make a choice on what you care about or prioritize. Shit happens to you? You have the choice to figure out how to deal with it. Bury your head in the sand or power on. Don’t feel like making a choice? Guess what? That’s a fucking choice.

We always have the power to chose how we live our lives and what we can afford to give a fuck about.

I really identified with it because a lot of what I believe and try to do is what he already recommends. Saying that probably makes me an entitled asshole. lol. But he also points out that the answer is really very simple. It is just very very hard. The truth is rarely complicated.

Anyway, this is a great book if you don’t want to hear a bunch of bullshit. It makes a lot of sense and it really helps you to define a focus even if you think that this is stuff that you do not need. Really, we can always use another perspective in life.

Here are a few really amazing quotes from the book, because I suck at reviews and he has so many great quotes that I wrote down:

Being wrong opens us up to the possibility of change. Being wrong brings the opportunity for growth.

–We cannot learn anything without first not knowing something.

–If it feels like it’s you versus the world, chances are it’s really just you versus yourself.

–If it’s down to me being screwed up or everybody else being screwed up, it is far, far, far more likely that I’m the one who’s screwed up.

–Rejection is an important and crucial life skill.

–Happiness comes from solving problems.

–The secret sauce is in the solving of the problems, not in not having problems in the first place.


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