Vintage Fair [Photo of the Day] 10 20 17

This weekend I ended up at a vintage and junk Fair. It was a beautiful fall day and more than anything was nice to just be outside.


There was a lot of interesting things. For some reason there were two Lula Roe vendors though. I have no idea why. A lot of local handmade things. Just lots of odds and ends bric-a-brac. Lots of things that people had turned into other things. Quite a bit of fun RVs. Some of them were shop but others looked like pieces of Art.


There was all sorts of Random objects. By far my favorite was this creepy doll.


I did not purchase it. I’m pretty sure it would have ended up killing my family.

My second favorite thing that I saw was this alpaca!


You so beautiful that I was tempted to purchase something made from his fur.

However, I managed to leave purchasing nothing but a cupcake and a pulled pork sandwich. As well as a couple of bath bombs. Which were not vintage or junk.


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