It’s 44 degrees out and there’s a wind advisory. It’s rainy and gloomy. One of those perfect days to stay inside under the covers.

So, it’s a little ironic that I’m going spring! It is coming here in Michigan. Yesterday, I went to my favorite Botanical Gardens to hunt for signs. The place is quite barren looking compared to what it looks like in mid-summer. However, I was surprised at the amount of flowers I found.


I love the beauty of a mature flower. But there’s nothing as beautiful and inspiring as seeing a spring flower poking up to brave the chill of spring.


It’s good to have another winter behind us.  Don’t get me wrong,  I do not mind winter. But I’m always glad when it is over!



I’ve been absent on this blog for personal reasons.  But I have several posts planned as I will never give up the pursuit of knowledge!


If you get a moment feel free to check out my new history blog! Weirdos in History

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