It's 44 degrees out and there's a wind advisory. It's rainy and gloomy. One of those perfect days to stay inside under the covers. So, it's a little ironic that I'm going spring! It is coming here in Michigan. Yesterday, I went to my favorite Botanical Gardens to hunt for signs. The place is quite … Continue reading Rebirth

Random Object Photography: Take One

One thing that I love about technology and constantly having my camera [phone] handy is how easy it is to share our lives with others. We all joke about that person on social media who is constantly sending out photos of their food. But be honest, most of us have taken a photo of food … Continue reading Random Object Photography: Take One

How Bad Do You Smell? [Three Minute Read]

We have all had that moment. When you catch a whiff of body odor and think to yourself....oh, no! I hope that isn't me! Frantically trying to remember if you applied deodorant that morning and giving yourself a discreet sniff. Or have we?? On the other hand we all seem to have run across someone … Continue reading How Bad Do You Smell? [Three Minute Read]