Kidney Stones: A Torturous Read

I ruined my streak of posting a photo every day for not one but two days! The first day was because I had a friend come into town unexpectedly and had a great dinner instead. The second day was due to a kidney stone. It is too bad that I do not have a picture … Continue reading Kidney Stones: A Torturous Read

Wasps [Three Minute Read]

I guess this week I am going to carry on with the insect theme. MyKnowledge is going full on creepy crawly. The reason that I chose to write about wasps is not the fact that I am slightly terrified of them. It is because I was dive bombed by one today. I was walking to … Continue reading Wasps [Three Minute Read]

How Bad Do You Smell? [Three Minute Read]

We have all had that moment. When you catch a whiff of body odor and think to yourself....oh, no! I hope that isn't me! Frantically trying to remember if you applied deodorant that morning and giving yourself a discreet sniff. Or have we?? On the other hand we all seem to have run across someone … Continue reading How Bad Do You Smell? [Three Minute Read]