Fall Fuzzies [Photo of the Day] 9-8-17

It is fall here in Michigan. And that means time of the really fuzzy, weird caterpillars. I guess this is a topic to look into. I do not know why so many of them come out and are so hairy. i guess that is a winter coat. I have seen two of them so far. … Continue reading Fall Fuzzies [Photo of the Day] 9-8-17

Ribbit [photo of the day] 9-4-17

  Every so often I get a shot that reminds me exactly why I love taking pictures so much. The above shot is the perfect example. The kids and i were at the local botanical gardens. Walking along we saw a family hunched over something. Naturally, my kids made a beeline for them. They were … Continue reading Ribbit [photo of the day] 9-4-17