Layered [Weekly Photo Challenge]

One of my favorite photos for layers is wood. I am constantly snapping photos of branches and logs because I find it so fascinating. The kicker is when it has fungus on it. A tree with fungus, I cannot help but snap a photo of it. Even though it visually isn't great for anything other … Continue reading Layered [Weekly Photo Challenge]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ooh Shiny!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ooh Shiny! I have ADD. So anything can catch my interest and make me lose track of things. When I have a camera in my hand, it is even worse. A spot of color grabs me and off I go. Flowers are one of my favorite things to photograph. This picture is … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Ooh Shiny!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Elementals

I pulled out a photo from a few weeks ago to share with this weeks photo challenge: Elementals. I love a photo of the elements featured seperatley but there is something really stunning about the sky and water together. It makes us appreciate the open spaces and the elements that nurture us.   If you are … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Elementals